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Author Topic: Some Noob Questions  (Read 2257 times)


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Some Noob Questions
« on: December 15, 2016, 08:14:57 PM »
So I was at the bar and this one fixer wouldn't give me a job so I threw a grenade in there and killed him and his friends. Then an officer shot me so I killed him too. And then the ship dealer wouldn't let me buy a ship so I killed him. And this happened about 10 times and I killed about 200 civilians and 16 officers. Then I found a few confeds floating out in space and-oops- I crashed into them except one who came on my ship and shot me so I killed him. Then some Confeds started shooting at my Orion so I killed about 50 of them. And now the Pirates and Kilrathi love me but the Confeds are really mean to me, so they charged me with 68 attacks on gevernment vessels, 51 destroying government vessels, smuggling contraband (My friends just wanted a smoke!), 43 assaults (I killed all of them, that should be murder, not assault), 86 murders (haha they missed the other 100), 5 assaults on officers, 16 killing officers, and 20 thefts (I killed them, its my right to take their stuff).

Well, we've all made mistakes in our lives haven't we? Well the Confeds don't understand that I just don't carry 4700000 credits around in my pocket and that I'm gonna have to wait 200 days for the jerks on Port Newton to let me on their planet. So I decided to flee to a pirate base in Rynkel but I'm stuck on Mendeleev because I upgraded to a Galaxy without saving for the upgrades(even guns). I killed a few more people because this game creator guy gave me an armed fighting bar that I tried to fill up so now I am banned from every place in Mendeleev and the are lots of Confed ships that gang up on me when I go to space.

So how do I increase Faction standing with confeds? Don't tell me to kill pirates, I don't have guns.

Also how do  use the passenger space on my ship? What is it for?

And what are the relations between the factions? Can you give me a detailed description of each? What are the perks of being friendly with them?

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Re: Some Noob Questions
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2016, 02:35:50 PM »
Well, getting on the good side of the confeds is gonna be hard... killing anything the confeds would kill (pirates, retros kilrathi) would do the trick eventually, but i guess you ruled that out... downgrading to a fighter might be a good option. when you get them all the way up to neutral, you can collect the confeds and deliver them to the nearest planet (i think this might use passenger space for the guy you pick up). normally, passenger space is used for some mid-level fixer missions, like transport NAME to BASE.

as for factions, all the good guys (Confed, Militia, merchant, hunter) hate all the bad guys (Pirates, Retros, Kilrathi). all the bad guys hate each other, unless they are from the same faction. and by hate i mean shot at ;)

staying on the friendly side of the pirates doesnt sound like a bad idea though, it will always give you a few bases you can retreat to. it isn't impossible to survive the confeds either (your rap sheet proves that) but maybe dont try it with a merchant ship.