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Author Topic: Life Is Cheap on the Frontier  (Read 2454 times)


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Life Is Cheap on the Frontier
« on: March 13, 2016, 07:03:11 PM »
Normally pretty mild-mannered, I run into a fixer that asks me to run slaves. So I snap and do them in. I run out of the asteroid base, off to Port Newton (no problems with the authorities), and after a bit of bureaucratic run-around, I'm able to pay off my triple-charge of homicide, theft, and assault with 35000 credits. Not sure how other fixers feel about me, maybe their esteem has dropped slightly, but I'm sure I'll get more missions from them. Except the one.

Wouldn't mind it keeping my misdeeds on record. Feels a bit creepy to have a character who does that not face any long-term consequences. And as bad as one can be in this game, strangely one can't be a snitch :)


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Re: Life Is Cheap on the Frontier
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2016, 08:01:03 AM »
I really liked the bureaucratic runaround exercise on the capital planet, when paying fines. Made me laugh the first time.

Regarding killing slavers, it made me think of Ultima. Although I haven't played any Ultima game yet, but I've watched some reviews of Ultima IV-VI, and seems interesting. The games don't have any villain, instead you're on a quest to better yourself, to be honourable, etc. I'm thinking if killing a slaver should have a negative impact on your fixer reputation, but on the other hand increase your "honour" or something? Well, I'm just throwing out some loose thoughts.