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Author Topic: So some things I've noticed.  (Read 1188 times)


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So some things I've noticed.
« on: July 24, 2009, 08:17:08 AM »
And some of them might have already been brought to your attention, but I doubt it.

I'm sure all of you know about the quest systems the Developer has provided for us, and some of you have even made a few of your own. Those of you who have actually submitted some I applaud greatly.

So one issue I've noticed was during Flyboys rather entertaining quest, the second one that is, where you lead a team of commandos into a pirate base. I'm not sure if any of you noted this, but the map and the issues going in well armed and prepared to gun down the gangsters will have this same issue.

There is no space to move. The passage is clogged with people and the extra commandos spawned for the quest. The conditions are hardly ideal for ground assault. I poked around and found that the other areas for different purposes, say your on a killing spree, or your up against a well maintained army of mercenaries. Your out in the open in some places, and your trapped in cornered in others. Why?

The ground maps are not exactly designed for quests featuring conflicts on the GROUND, and I can give a nod to this, but I found I've fallen in love with the combat system, the shooting, the thought you can put into it, and the further thought of updates that can improve certain issues. Painkillers and medkits, flashbangs that have a stun effect on enemies, and the sheer amount of awesome you can make if the quest system was more of a modding system.

I guess what I desire is the ability to actually mod maps and structures in the game, specifically to design quests that *feel* natural, but currently the quest system isn't compatible with that, and the game is not open source, it is designed and produced by Christian Knudsen, and a fine job he's doing, so I lay down my arms on this issue.

But either self improvement for more ideal conditions with maps suited for creating quests related to the GROUND side of the game, however ironically ridiculous that is in a space game, or I suppose some improvements in the quest system itself to be more compatible with the current conditions would be better. Despawning quest characters and objects as soon as the quest ends. Or allies coded into the quest to leave the planet actively if all enemies are gone.

I am wholely for for improvement power geared sky high for space first and foremost, else this wouldn't be ASCII know...with space ships...but you gotta admit.

Give us the DREAM of amazing boarding actions with a crack team of Space Marines and a Pulse gun blazing, and its hard not to ask for some improvements on one section of the game relating to it or another.