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Author Topic: Calling all testers on Windows with high-resolution monitors!  (Read 415 times)

Christian Knudsen

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I've been made aware of an issue on high-resolution monitors that results in the mouse cursor moving slowly within the game (i.e. you have to move the physical mouse more to move the cursor in the game than you have to move it on the desktop).

This is an issue with DPI scaling. When you set the zoom/scaling of the desktop to anything other than 100%, the movement of the mouse cursor in the game gets affected (also, the game might look a bit blurry). If you have experienced the mouse cursor moving slowly in the game, please try the following:

Save this file to the 'hiddenasset' game directory (i.e. in the same folder as the 'hiddenasset.exe' file):

This is a so-called manifest file that gives Windows some information on how to handle the application. Specifically, it tells Windows that the game is 'DPI aware' and that Windows shouldn't be doing its DPI zoom/scaling trickery on it.

Please let me know if this made any change to the mouse cursor movement in the game for you.