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Author Topic: Version available!  (Read 609 times)

Christian Knudsen

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Version available!
« on: September 22, 2016, 07:30:09 PM »
The download links here have been updated to download this new version.

NOTE: Old savegames won't load in this new version.



- Fixed crash when doing an aimed shot with a weapon in your right hand.
- Fixed crash related to NPC dialogues.
- Fixed crash when trying to get size of room character is in but character is actually outside, standing on building roof.
- Fixed crash when trying to find path to unreachable tile (unreachable tiles are now automatically set as non-walkable).
- Fixed crash in some instances of a guard going looking for a missing guard.
- Fixed crash when an NPC had all its orders removed and the game tries to check what the NPC's current order is.
- Fixed issue with guards not realizing that you had left a restricted area and still attacking you even though you left before they became hostile.
- Fixed NPCs getting frozen in place due to their pathfinding telling them to go to the tile they're currently on.
- Fixed instances of a door opening and closing repeatedly if an NPC is attacking diagonally across it.
- Fixed a corpse in an elevator preventing NPCs from using the elevator.
- Fixed a guard called over to help another guard magically knowing where you are even if you're hidden.
- Fixed sneak attacking with a concealed weapon resulting in critical damage.
- Fixed a bug with selecting items in drawers when screen zoom is enabled.
- Fixed NPCs with a current order to walk around randomly not attacking the player even though the NPC is currently hostile towards the player.
- Fixed information about which tile a character is on going out of sync and characters being draw at the wrong time and/or on the wrong floor.
- Fixed being able to use the All Access Keycard on the utility room door on the 2nd floor of the Hensley International map (you need a code to open this door).
- Fixed an issue with the player character not automatically walking into an arriving elevator if you changed your movement type while waiting for the elevator.
- Fixed the player stopping following a character if the player for a moment gets close enough to the character to stop moving.
- Fixed a Security Guard labeled as a Civilian.
- Fixed an alarm light hanging in midair on the Hensley International map.
- Fixed the office employee on the 2nd floor of the Hensley International map getting stuck if going to talk to the woman employee and she's not there.

- Added animated help screens for Tactical View, Melee Combat, Shooting and Noise Levels that are shown at the relevant times during play.
- New 'Help' menu option where you can also view the above help screens at any time during play.
- Added default NPC behaviour for catching you looking in a drawer or accessing a computer in a Non-Public or Restricted area.
- Police called to the scene after your Stealth reaches 0% won't remain standing outside anymore but will instead start randomly patrolling the building.
- When quitting a game, you will now be asked for confirmation if you haven't saved at all or haven't saved in a while.
- Added on-scren indicator for when a checkpoint is generated.
- When dying, the game no longer automatically resumes from the latest checkpoint. Instead, you can choose to restore from checkpoint or load a saved game.
- Selecting characters is now prioritized over selecting objects, so a character will be selected even when behind a selectable object.
- When left-clicking on an NPC to sneak up behind it, the pathfinding will now try to keep you behind the NPC so you aren't seen.
- Made it a bit easier to hide inside a cubicle.
- Changed how loss is shown on the Stealth and Health bars.
- When centering the view on the player, the speed at which the view moves towards the player now increases with distance.
- The game now automatically sets a screen zoom level on first program run on a system with a high-resolution monitor.
- Added code that prevents multiple instances of the game running as that would mess up temporary files.

- Fixed crash with generating character selection border when showing location of target upon first entering a mission map/area.
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