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Author Topic: Version 0.5.2 available!  (Read 702 times)

Christian Knudsen

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Version 0.5.2 available!
« on: July 06, 2016, 09:21:07 PM »
The download links here have been updated to download this new version.

NOTE: Old savegames won't load in this new version.

- Fixed issue with sitting NPCs not getting up if attacked in rapid succession.
- Fixed issue with dead characters lying on a tile with a chair being brought back to life by sitting back on the chair if you save and reload.
- Fixed characters going to look for a missing character even though they've seen the missing character's corpse.
- Fixed elevator doors sometimes freaking out when melee fighting across them.
- Fixed minor issue with the character outline that shows the location of your target the first time you enter a mission map.
- Fixed an issue with an NPC that is looking for a missing guard not reacting to player noises.
- Added keypads that require keycodes to unlock.
- Added accessing computers to find company intel or keypad codes.
- Added an indicator for when a character is stunned.
- Non-guard characters will now react with panic when seeing you carrying a corpse, similar to when they see a corpse on the ground.
- An NPC looking for a missing guard will now walk around looking for the missing guard instead of running.
- On Above & Beyond map, made sure the tutorial box about melee blocking is shown even if you didn't take the knife and sneak killed the guard.