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Author Topic: Version 0.5.1 available!  (Read 561 times)

Christian Knudsen

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Version 0.5.1 available!
« on: May 26, 2016, 10:00:18 PM »
The download links here have been updated to download this new version. You can also just download the changed files there.

NOTE: Old savegames won't load in this new version.


- Fixed crash when starting new game.
- Fixed crash when picking up a corpse while sitting down (you will now stand up before picking up the corpse).
- Fixed issue with sound effects sometimes not playing.
- Fixed arriving police officers spawning as non-attackable.
- The game now shows you the location of your target the first time you enter a mission map.
- Added cursor icons for when melee attacking with a weapon.
- Disabled double-click to run when sneaking.
- Characters no longer make a death rattle if killed by a sneak attack.
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