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Author Topic: Explosive Minds and Hacking!  (Read 1365 times)


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Explosive Minds and Hacking!
« on: December 07, 2013, 09:10:59 PM »
At first I want to say it's my last post for a while.So I will make a loong post.


Explosive Tip (Stolen from COD)

An arrow is boring yes but explosive arrow is not! This guy can stick to people
and surfaces to make a BOM!

Explosive Box,jacket etc.

This bomb is expensive and it has types like Uranium,Sharpnel,Chemical etc.
You can buy Sharpnel from regular shops but you need to buy items from excahnge then go to Pirates Capital to Bomb Master to make special bombs.(It cost about 5000-10000 bucks)

Jackets? Suicade! Retros!! I think you understand.

Nucleer "Bangs"

It's AVESOME if scvangers go into a nucleer system to harvest Nucleer stuff with HAZMAT SUIT


It's a skill that you can open locked doors and steal secured cargo from merchants!


When you are freind with priate,retro etc. you can accept missions like plant a nucleer bomb at a base or stop NEST team to defuse bomb!
(I hope there will be factions in next update :heh: )

Anyway that's all... See you guys later! (About a year)