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Author Topic: My propositions  (Read 1768 times)


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My propositions
« on: November 13, 2012, 06:39:13 PM »
Hello from the Ukraine! My english could be slightly (or not so slightly) bad, so please, don't mind it.

Few propositions (and of course, thanks for the already done):
+ Freedom of walking when on planets (it could be desert of nothing, but reachable desert) — borders of planetary bases are so boring;
+ lockpicks and more stealthy stuff for boarding missions;
+ Also equipment shops, shipyards and so — more variety of armor, weapons, other stuff is nessesary! Because I could buy it all wright on first planet;
+ watched "Lexx" or "Futurama"? What they both have and what we could put to "Ascii Sector"? A little craziness! Planets of fanatics with brain slugs; Planets of crazy robots; well, silent empty desert asteroids and moons: maybe with hobo or hermit on it;
+ secret ultraomnipotence devices;
+ augmentations Deus Ex - style;
+ net hacking and corporations; I think "Ascii Sector" already have some cyberpunk mood; possibly you could enhance this;
+ Time to time I feel so alone on my ship; maybe if not team, could be dialogs with A.I.? like Lexx, like Netrisca in Sam; also it is cyberpunkish. And multi-people ships is more challenge, more x-com style. See game "Faster Than Light"?
+ It is strange to see roads on planets with no cars or other vessels (transport). Great possibility if player could drive that; have some in ship's equipment. Example: land on asteroid, travel by it on ship's eight-legged car — and have fun of being eaten by large duna-style worm.
+ Another races, e.t.-s, aliens, predators, independence dayers, lot of extraterrestrial stuff. Also enciclopedia like x-com.
All of it drives to one purpose: enhance exploration path of a game, make more ambience.

Maybe it all would be in "Ascii Sector 5", but who don't dreaming, can't find a goal, isn't it? Wish you good luck with the game. I will help you to promote it to russian gamers.

Also: Don't you think of a translation? Russian translation etc.

I am really want to know what are you think 'bout it all. I want this game to be.


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Re: My propositions
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2012, 10:27:24 AM »
These ideas are cool, but with CK so busy with his new project, when he has the time, I'm wondering if this might be filed with all the other suggestions we've had over the years of this game's development. Not to discourage discussion, but I want to put your welcome enthusiasm in the proper context so that you don't get disappointed when many or all of these things never really happen.

The freedom of walking is similar to an idea I had about a procedurally generated gamespace on certain planets where you could do missions or explore. It would help expand the ground game so you don't feel the need to start shooting random people, when not on a mission, or board every ship you disable.

Contextually, how would you suggest stealth for boarding? I did have an idea that not every ship has to be disabled by the player, that you could find a derelict ship and board it... if that were there, then using stealth to board a craft might lower the chance that anyone who might ambush you might notice your arrival.

Variety in armor might include reactive armor, stuff that shoots out a limited amount of protection but degrades when it does. There's always room for more weapons, though maybe new stats would need to be introduced to make weapons more varied. Right now, with the stats that exist, there's a pretty decent spread.

The crazy stuff might be there if the world of the game changes to something completely generic, but that would depend on CK's desires for the fiction of the world. Right now it's fairly toned down, even if we're talking about cat people in space. The stuff you're talking about might have more of a place in a game with full procedural generation, or a massive scope. Not sure if you've ever played Starflight 1 or 2 (both excellent), or Prospector, which has all kinds of random things to run into.

What would an ultraomnipotence device do?

There was some talk of cyberware before if I recall correctly. Would be nice to at the very least have replacement limbs when you get one shot to pieces, or something strong to benefit in combat.

ASCII totally has a cyberpunk mood, I agree. I think we talked about cyberspace style stuff earlier; I think it has a place in the game. It helps to be a bit more specific about these kinds of ideas, even if it's just fun speculating.

Personally I feel the alone-ness is really cool. I tend to prefer feeling a bit small in the universe. Those conversations could easily be in the bars and ports throughout the game, adding a layer or two to the random dialogs, and if you get to know someone they might have more to say the next time you see them, increasing the meaningfulness of stopping at a port. Being out in space, though, I'd wonder what would take priority, getting shot at or talking to someone. On the ground things are some sort of turn-based, but in space it's always-on realtime.

When you say multi-people ships are more challenging, have you tried boarding the bigger ships?

Hehe, as far as vehicles, I'd point you to Starflight or Prospector again. This would be at home with your exploration or your crazy sections, but without a reason to travel long distances it probably wouldn't be worth the effort making them.

I think there was talk of another species at some point.

The main focus for the game, and this is an independent game with one guy at the helm, is to push the strategy elements forward, if you've seen the notes on them. I don't pretend to know what will happen in the future, but those developments seem the most likely of any we've discussed over the years.

One interesting thing about translations, if I understand right, is that changing the character sets may actually screw up how the planets look, etc, unless separate character sets were used for dialogs. They're individual graphics for each character, rather than drawing directly from actual ASCII.

That's me, though. If CK has the time I imagine he'll give you a better idea about the potential for translations than I'd ever be able to. Good to see your enthusiasm! Thanks.