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Author Topic: v0.7.1 released!  (Read 3195 times)

Christian Knudsen

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v0.7.1 released!
« on: November 24, 2010, 09:05:43 PM »

- Fixed infinite loop bug when jumping.
- Fixed disappearing wingman bug.
- Fixed bug that caused messed up ship names on the target display.
- Fixed bug that caused non-locked missiles fired by the player to not impact neutral or friendly ships.
- Fixed minor bug with the Join Raid mission (sometimes the mission details in the Quine or nav computer would state the wrong number of Hunters).
- Fixed bug that allowed you to move stuff from your backpack to the locker wherever you are.
- Fixed various bugs with fleet event news entries.
- If a Militia or Confed ship gets attacked while scanning for contraband, it will now stop scanning and engage the attacker instead of continuing the scan.
- Ejected Retros are now also purple when scooped.
- If a fixer's mission has expired, he will now tell you so instead of allowing you to still accept the mission.
- Redid the redout effect when your ship's armor is hit.
- Captives can no longer be transfered to the Lucky Lady.
- The Lucky Lady casino ship is now mentioned on the system and sector maps.
- You can now quit the game by closing the window.
- Comm messages won't affect a fleet ship's attitude anymore.
- Ejected pilots from a fleet ship now have the attitude of the fleet's faction, not the ship they ejected from.
- Used Brilliance Ampules and Refined Ultimate can now be combined to take up less space (like ammo clips).
- If an enemy ship has retreated once, it won't do it again.
- For missions that require you to deliver cargo to a ship, the amount of cargo will now always be in accordance with the target ship's type.