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Author Topic: New and improved Quests page  (Read 3098 times)

Christian Knudsen

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New and improved Quests page
« on: September 16, 2010, 05:56:06 PM »
I've been taking a course on PHP and MySQL for the past six weeks, and as a final project I decided to make the Quests page a whole lot better. Quests are now stored in a MySQL database. This means that you can now sort the quests by date, rating, title and author, and you can also rate a quest directly from the Quests page. Ratings are tied to your forum account, so you'll have to be logged in to rate a quest and you can only rate each quest once.

The look of the page is still pretty terrible, but I'll be updating it with a better layout and actual stars for the ratings and stuff. If you run into any problems with this new system, please send me an email or post it in the Bug Reports forum!

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