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Author Topic: Run away from combat  (Read 1419 times)


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Run away from combat
« on: July 31, 2010, 04:11:47 PM »
[Previously on Bug Reports]

Quote from: "Pellaeon"
I chased the ship dealer towards the hotel when a guy attacked me. I ran into cover, because I had no body armor. I was thinking wether I should attack him or not, but a third person - a red NPC - shot at my attacker! So I was just a passive participant of that combat: I just knocked away the attacker's pistol while the red one did her job. After the attacker was wasted, I still couldn't exit combat mode. I walked around, but no one attacked me.

Hmm... I propose to add an option/function/possibility to run away from combat. I mean if player's character will be far enough from opponents/hostiles then could be able to exit combat mode.

What if we'll be fast and "outmaneuver" our foe (e.g. with wounded legs) so he/she will lost our track? Should we still be in combat mode? Such New Beijing planet has quite big spaceport with many buildings (some with two or more entries). Fight shouldn't be only one option...

Of course, it doesn't mean that our opponents will stop searching or forget about us. They just shouldn't have some kind of radar in their as^Wbutts.

Oh! It should work in opposite way too when opponents will run away from us.
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