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Author Topic: [SDN] Scandinavia and the World #4  (Read 1435 times)


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[SDN] Scandinavia and the World #4
« on: June 18, 2010, 11:27:42 AM »

Everybody knows that there’s nothing but sheep in New Zeeland, and that Wales is quite fond of sheep. It's a match made in Heaven! ;)

And either Norway, Denmark and Sweden's dinner patners left before time, or Sweden mockingly made Denmark his dinner partner because Denmark once invented man-breasts. :XD:

Every time I posted a comic that had Greenland in it, quite a few people asked me, ”What about the Faroes?”
Sometimes I would think, “You live in Canada! How the hell would you know about the Faroes?!” :XD:

Well, here he is. Denmark’s other “colony”.
The thing about the Faroes is that Danes usually forget all about them because they’re small and they don’t hate us quite as much as Greenland. In fact, they even voted yes to staying part of Denmark, and it quite upsets them that Denmark doesn’t pay them enough attention.

When Danes do remember there’s a place called the Faroes, we usually remember them for spending our money and then complaining about us when we ask them to pay it back. :XD:

Silly Japanese people and their constant bowing. :)

Quite a few things in here that needs an explanation.

America loves to meddle in other countries affairs, despite knowing very little about the countries. :XD:

Doing World War 2 the Swedes let Germany walk through Sweden, which allowed them to invade Norway.
That pissed Norway off quite a bit, and for many years after that it was custom for Danes, if they were having a party where both a Swede and a Norwegian would show up, to never place them at the same table or anywhere near each other, because otherwise they were sure to start fighting.

Poland is wearing a burglar’s bask because if anything is stolen in Scandinavia, it will most likely turn up in Poland. Not necessarily because it was a Pole who stole the thing in the first place, but because that’s where a lot of people go to get rid of their stolen goods. :XD:

Yes, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are wearing the hats from Hetalia.

Have fun 8)
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Re: [SDN] Scandinavia and the World #4
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2010, 01:45:03 PM »
Keep them coming! :D
It came from ... behind.