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Author Topic: v0.6.1 released!  (Read 2027 times)

Christian Knudsen

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v0.6.1 released!
« on: October 07, 2009, 12:10:27 PM »

- Fixed autopilot bug after having disabled and/or boarded a ship.
- Fixed drunk autopilot.
- Fixed bug that resulted in zero attacks during escort missions.
- Fixed bugs with mission nav points not always marked correctly.
- Fixed bug with non-existent nav points for scout missions.
- Fixed crash when switching positions with an NPC.
- Fixed various issues with blindness.
- Fixed line-of-sight bug (NPCs could sometimes shoot at you while you couldn't shoot back).
- Removed smpeg library dependency.
- Vibroblades now do as much damage as a knife and carry a greater chance of doing critical damage.
- Pressing 'T' in space now always switches to the target display.
- You no longer receive fines for theft on pirate bases.
- If you are banned from a base, you cannot use computer terminals on that base, and shopkeepers, guild masters, bartenders and ship dealers won't have anything to do with you.
- You can now merge used ammo clips.
- When your wingman's time has expired, a message will now tell you that he's trying to hail you when autopilot is automatically disengaged.
- The game now checks that all passengers are on board before launching from a base.
- Brilliance Ampules and Refined Ultimate now disappear when used up.
- When you have dual missile launchers, only one missile is fired at a time now (hit enter twice to fire both missiles).
- Missile launcher indicators now blink while reloading.
- Added missile lock progress indicator.
- Added "Ignore friendly contacts" option to the autopilot.