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I like these ideas, blinking or highlighting or some other form of increasing visibility of ships while they are above certain textures would be a godsend. I can't count the number of times I've lost an enemy ship over a planet or station, or even misplacing my own ship!(Flying an Orion, represented by an 'O', over the green parts of some planets)

The quick reference would be nice too, maybe appended to the help screen? Maybe when you open the help screen, using the arrow keys could display more pages. These could contain further keybindings and functional help, as well as quick references for ships, weapons, the damage model, and a basic description of the flight display while flying or the ground combat system while on the ground.

A more user friendly and descriptive HUD would be nice too. Better keys for changing the contents of the display windows, as well as tweaks to the contents of the displays would be nice. One problem I have is the lack of detail in showing how electrically disabled a ship is. I know the little 'core' light in the middle of the shields and armor changes color after a ship has been EMP'd, but there is little communication as to exactly how much disabling has been done. I think this could be improved by giving the core status light more states, maybe instead of a single tile dot, a 3x3 tile square which could degrade and shrink similarly to shields until it hits minimum "health" and the ship is disabled, and it would then turn either dark blue or dark grey.

Being able to see the component health of targets would be cool too. Maybe adding a special scanner, or adding functionality to the Hunter line of scanners, to change the target status screen or radar to a readout of the enemy's component status. And it would be worth considering adding the ability to target specific components on an enemy. Thus allowing the player to destroy specific key systems, such as the generator or engines, to destructively disable a ship.

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