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Quote from: "GLI"
Very interesting! So... with OpenGL there will be no "jumping screen" like right now? You know, when ships flying slower than 900 or during walk/run on a ground... :heh:

Well... if you can run AS at full speed already, then you won't see a difference with BMod. It doesn't change how the game is rendererd, only how fast. The movement is still tile-based - every ship/character moves one tile at a time and the screen scrolls one tile at a time.

WARNING: This is a highly experimental prototype. Use at your own risk.


BMod v0.1 adds three new features to AsciiSector v0.7.1.4:
  • a fast(-ish) OpenGL renderer
  • an option to disable auto-pause
  • an option to speed up ground combat
If anyone is interested I can port it to Windows (but it will take quite a while).


Unpack to your Ascii Sector directory and run You can edit bdata/options.txt to customize some features.


Delete and the bdata directory. BMod doesn't modify any files.

OpenGL renderer

On my ancient machine rendering using OpenGL gives quite an improvement:
Code: [Select]
Resolution    SDL      OpenGL
   640x400    8 FPS    55 FPS
   960x600    4 FPS    55 FPS
  1280x800    3 FPS    55 FPS

Measurements were taken while scrolling the whole screen (the worst-case scenario for SDL).
Press CTRL-F to toggle the FPS counter.


On Linux, auto-pause doesn't interact well with workspaces. This option allows you to turn it off completely.

Ground combat speed

This speeds up ground combat:
  • the health bars move faster
  • the speech bubbles disappear quicker
  • the delay between consecutive shots is reduced
  • a few other things
Try it yourself: go to a big bar and start killing people. Then turn this option on and you'll never want to go back.

Note: this doesn't change gameplay, it just makes the UI more responsive

Quote from: "Cthulhu"
It's been a while since I played, but can't you pause/unpause with "P"?

Then it's just "Alt+TAB P" for you, and that's not that bad?

It usually goes like this:

1. Ask a fixer for a mission
2. Switch to the text editor to lookup some info
3. Switch back to the game
4. Repeat steps 2-3 a few times (I have to consider how far the mission is, how many missions I've already taken, how much time/money do I have; finally I have to write down the route/deadline/target/other information so I won't forget it).

And I do it for each fixer in a bar, which means in a span of maybe 4-5 minutes I have to unpause the game dozens of times and my headphones go silent each time...

I disabled auto-pause completely and the game is so much more enjoyable. I can relax and listen to the music while I plan my next move ;) Maybe I'm weird, but auto-pause really interferes with my style of playing.

You think it's an anti-scumming feature? I don't know... seems a bit excessive (it's a single-player game after all). I thought this was meant as a convenience so you don't have to pause the game manually.

Either way, I never leave the game during flight, I only switch windows if the game is already "paused" (during dialogs, ground combat, in the quine screen/navigation chart, in the merc/merchant screens, and so on) but I do it a lot. As you can see in my case auto-pause serves no purpose, that's why I'm asking for an option to disable it.

But like I said, it's not a priority - I'll make do with my workarounds ;)

This post might seem a bit negative, but I assure you I really enjoy this game... except for the auto-pause feature.

Right now auto-pause is just annoying and it serves no purpose (at least with my style of playing). Most of the time I switch from the nav computer/bar/guild to a text editor to lookup some information (trade routes, places I want to visit on the way, things I want to buy, etc.) and I switch back immediately after. I don't want to be forced to unpause the game each time I do that.

The second thing is that it blocks my view when I want to compare imports/exports list with my shopping list (I switch to my shopping list, switch back and the screen is now blocked by the pause dialog).

And the last thing is that it stops the background music every 5 seconds which just ruins the atmosphere (yes, I switch windows quite often).

Please, give me a way to disable auto-pause. I hate it and I don't need it.

Edit: This is not urgent, because I've managed to create a workaround that disables auto-pause. Having an in-game option to do that would still be nice though.

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