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Heya all, i just joined... i've been playing this a bit since v0.2 and i've been eagerly waiting for updates... Only found out today about this forum.

Chris, why didn't you advertise this forum on WC CIC?

Ive been reading a bit of previous/current suggestions so here are few random suggestions of the top of my head

I noticed that whenever there are allied ships and enemies around, enemies usually target my ship and wont break off pursuit even if they have been attacked by other ships... This can be very annoying, especially if you've been damaged and want to avoid fight.

About quests:
This is in relation both to rich merchant/hunter nemesis and player created quests:

You said that it will be possible to have only one active scenario at a time, so i thought you could make active and passive quests.
You could have only one active quests, but more passive quests cause those would me more of a fluff and wouldn't conflict with each other. Like the bartender jokes suggestion, or some random recurring character and such things.

Also it would be neat if you could actually make personal enemies/friends in game. Like those nemesis hunter that might in the end, after you blew him up 2 times become your sworn enemy. Or i guy that you saved and would help you out in some way when you next meet him... This would also be considered a passive type quest for example as it is not story driven just additional fluff.

About ground combat: Great idea, but i think you should make this optional if some hard core WC fans don't want that aspect. two possible ways:
either possibility to disable this from options screen, or make it almost always possible to avoid ground fight, either by buying stuff for that(this goes more for boarding then actual ground combat)

Another thing: could it be possible, when you make walking around ship possible to have storage for personal stuff like guns, equipment and what have you not?

this are my two cents for now... ill notch down anything i think of as i come along :)
Hope i wasnt to confusing

Thanks for the great game Chris

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