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Quest Development / Quest upload not functioning
« on: August 15, 2011, 08:45:44 AM »
Not that I have one at the moment, but only gives me a 404 error.

Bugs / Manual is missing gun slots / launcher slots information
« on: August 14, 2011, 10:11:03 PM »
The manual is missing the gun slots / launcher slots lines in the first part of the table on page 8.

Bugs / Minor bugs in v 0.3
« on: May 02, 2008, 08:18:21 PM »
Do I need the ASCIISEC.BAT with the "chcp"-command at all? My German keyboard acts funky when I use the original nordic codepage from the batch file, capital letters in a new character's name come out weird: Some letters don't yield any sign at all, but for example BCD comes out as =/!. Funnily enough this only happens when I type using the SHIFT key, CAPS-LOCK gives completely normal capital letters.

I've had a Merchant's Guild mission to transport food from Trou to New Beijing. The missions expires before I can get there, but where would I get the food at Trou?

Occasionally when I deliver messages to people on Trou I can't find them, but they show up if I launch and land again. I guess they were locked up in their cells the first time or something.

Also there's a small typo in one of the equipment shop's ads: Carve yourself a piece of success.

Well, the "Nemesis" concept got me thinking and apparently I have too much brain capacity left while driving, so here are some ideas:
How about simulating some of the other merchants to a deeper detail? I would like to see, say, 6 merchants per quadrant with their own name, ship and tracked wealth and relation towards the player. They could have a preset preference for certain traderoutes or goods where they will be likely to show up in space or at bases with appropriate freight. This could also factor in their relation to the player: If the player has a history of trading with iron ore then Bob, the iron trader, would see him as a rival while Joe the tobacco dealer will have a neutral attitude.

Their interactivity with the player could also depend on the compared wealth levels:
    - if the merchants are vastly richer they wont see the player as competition and could patronize friendly players with missions or even trading hints.

    - if the wealth levels are about equal the options would be limited - since most privateers probably are of the jealous persuasion they would rather prefer not to help their rival unless they are really good friends. But they could suggest to "team up for a dangerous run", basically an escort mission.

    - If the player is vastly richer he could hire the merchant to accompany him on a trip, essentially as a cargo space extension.

Of course the above ideas aren't necessarily limited to merchants and could be adapted to NPC mercenaries, maybe even blurring the lines between the factions allowing them to be: Privateers. Here are some details and other random ideas:
    - How about an "iron-man" mode with only one save slot, maybe even usable only on planets?

    - Extremely rich merchants could have convoys made up of several ships (freighters and fighters) to protect themselves from pirates.

    - Maybe rich players could do that too, on a more permanent base than one-time escort contracts?

    - Merchant ships could dock in space to trade their goods. Or board each other. :D

    - Unique NPCs could also have unique ship configurations. Maybe Crazy Charlie wants to get rid of all his shields so he can rapid-fire his neutron guns?

    - How about the possibility to hire storage space on a planet? Obviously the player would have to pay rent but this allows for some resource speculation when prices rise again. Of course there's always a chance of thieves and accidents.

    - Extremely rich traders could have offices or "contact terminals" on some planets where they would offer communication and trade options similar to a personal meeting in space. (To keep with the spirit of 16th century privateering this could be called a "Kontor" or something like that.)

Anyway, at some point I'd like to see following scene in the game:
Code: [Select]
The player's ship drops out of autopilot, a single Daemon draws near. It's Bob, a "low-level" privateer who got hired by a wealthy  merchant friend of the player to deliver a message.
Bob warns the player that one of his enemies hired a mercenary to find and kill him. The player thanks Bob and changes course towards Vichy, where he knows he will find some of his mercenary friends.
He plans to ask them if they know something about the name and ship of the killer and, maybe, to find out who hired him.

Everything Else / I almost received a message.
« on: November 14, 2007, 09:43:21 PM »
I've got an E-Mail that told me I received a personal message from this board on monday, but the board's inbox was empty.
If any of you guys actually sent me a message, please try again!

Hi! After playing the game for some time I'd like to write down some of my thoughts on features I'd like to see:

1. My current ship has 4 units of hidden cargo space, just enough to pick up some pirates floating in space and to transport them to their new workplace in the tungsten mines. But occasionally a ship leaves more than that, and even if it's just 7 units of contraband I can only hide 4, leaving the other 3 units plainly visible for the militia scanners. I'd really like to throw just these 3 units over board, but unless I want to risk getting caught I have to leave it all.
Can we get an option to jettison unhidden contraband?
Maybe by seperating the items on the cargo manifest from << 7 Slaves (4 hidden) >>  into << 4 Slaves (Hidden) >> and << 3 Slaves >> with a "JETTISON" button for each?

2. How about adding some military ranks to the list of given names, especially for Loye naval base? I guess that close to the front lines it would not be unusual to meet "Sergeant Sullivan" or "Captain Howard".

3. Will there ever be the possibility to fly a Talon? It's obviously a quite flimsy vessel, but ever since playing the original privateer I wondered what it would be like to fight a Retro on equal ground.

4. With the addition of "personal" combat, will we be able to board ships in space or even to be boarded? This may need a way of immobilizing ships instead of destroying them, maybe by (temporarily?)  thruster-disabling missiles, but I like the idea of having to fend off pirates storming in through the airlock.

5. Maybe it's a wild idea, but how about adding a "DISTRESS CALL" button? I once managed to get my ship's thrusters destroyed, only to watch the attacking pirate to ram an asteroid and kill himself. Sitting there only a few klicks from the next jump point it still meant game over.
I thought up the following possible game mechanics:
- The communications equipment is identical with the "navigational scanner"
- The call reaches all ships within a certain range, depending on the scanner model
- Each receiving ship - or group of ships - has a certain percentage to respond to the call and gets underway.
- If a friendly ship arrives it offes the player to "help" him repair his ship, docks and repairs the thruster and/or jump drive to orange status, of course after deducting several thousand Credits
- An enemy ship responding to the call attacks the easy target and ultimately ends all engine problems.

Of course if the player wants to be a pirate he can use the distress call to lure merchant ships and finish them off their common routes. If the Militia or Confederates discover an undamaged ship setting of calls they can fine it for abusing emergency equipment.
Maybe the player can also receive distress calls sent out by AI ships.

I am afraid this feature could also be abused by players luring ships towards nav points with enemies to get cheap allies for a "base defense" mission or something like that.

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