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« on: June 23, 2019, 09:45:20 PM »
Well. It's one month since "campaign" ended. It wasn't successful, it happens. But what is going on with you, mister developer? Not even "thank you" to those 64 backers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just asking questions. It's not attack, yelling or whatever aggressive... but where is your marketing?

You started with video eating bun like you didn't care you'll succeed or not.

You show something (text, pics, demo) and then you practically told "gib monies"

You were not prepared to Kickstarter campaign! What happened to regular "updates"? Where was information about "future development" with some examples (things not available in playable demo)? And other important things...

It looks like you didn't wanted to succeed. It looks like you wanted a failure to have excuse. I hope you're not...

Talk with some people who knows marketing. Who knows how to make crowdfunding campaign.

I hope your next campaign will be successful. You should make it better or next time I will not pledge at "Executive Level".

Keep up good work. Regards.

« on: April 16, 2019, 08:58:58 PM »
Funny... in some way. I hope next one will be better...


Development Discussion and Suggestions / Re: Flash in warp jumping
« on: March 22, 2019, 09:21:15 PM »
I find the flash effect in warp jumping a bit too aggressive[...]

Did you know this game was called "Privateer: Ascii Sector" in past? Aggressive flash effect was in original "Wing Commander: Privateer" too. It's intentional - pilot must be "stunned" (dizzied) after jump through hyperspace. Player have enough time to wink or close eyes.

Bugs / Re: Mouse Edge Scroll Leaves The Map
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:33:50 PM »
The solution would then be to make a square boundary that encapsulates the whole map, but then you'd still end up with areas in the corners where you go competely off the map into blackness.

Well, then I propose to make some funny comment when blackness will come:
"World map this way [with flashing arrow pointing direction]"
... and option to use:
"Press C key to center on player".

Without such thing some players could start panic... ;D

Alpha Testing / Re: Having to enter the passcode twice
« on: August 11, 2018, 08:05:33 PM »
When the door is unlocked, you can open it manually (i.e. right-click) and it will stay open and unlocked.

Locked room on first floor (ground level) is similar thing - player character must use electronic card while inside to unlock doors.

Let's assume that high security areas only requires such high level of safety. Regular tech rooms should have normal policy: "once you're inside you can just use door knob to unlock".

News / Re: Hidden Asset v0.6.2 now available for testing!
« on: July 27, 2018, 09:24:52 AM »
Version 0.6.2 of the Hidden Asset alpha demo is now available for download and testing.

Thanks. Some questions:
1) will you provide detailed list of changes? I mean it's good to know what previously tested bugs/features were changed.
2) is it OK that old saves are not compatible with newer version?

Alpha Testing / Re: Test run. Finally.
« on: July 20, 2018, 10:31:30 PM »
[...] when knocked out characters get added, them not leaving a blood pool will be one way to quickly see if a character is dead or just passed out.

How about some kind of animated icons when pointing with mouse cursor?

"Zzzz" for sleep (if assassination of sleeping NPC will be available):

Stars floating around head when unconscious/knocked out:

Death scull when dead:

Smaller, of course... ;)

Alpha Testing / Re: Test run. Finally.
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:08:17 PM »
Electro traps. BZZZZZtt...!!! :o

There could be some chance for NPC to find such trap. The lighter area the bigger chance to find and avoid trap set by PC. And maybe rise alarm level a little.

Alpha Testing / Re: Test run. Finally.
« on: July 11, 2018, 08:58:12 PM »
During combat with ranged weapon PC can use "aim" function (by clicking and holding RMB). When PC is hit by hostile NPC then "aim counter" will fall to default. It will happen even if NPC will miss, not hit PC (sic!). IMHO it's a bug... or bad combat balance.

Shooting through windows or actually windowed/glassed doors should have some impact on them: holes, broken glass, bigger chance to miss (glass can deviate bullets).

Broken glass, blood puddle and other mess should alarm security guards. At least to find out what is going on (before they'll sound alarm).

So far I didn't find an option to shoot through a window from outside...

Bugs / Re: Computer messages bug
« on: July 08, 2018, 01:57:00 PM »
Hey , Hope you feel better i hate getting sick when i am on vacation.

Yes you can use the scroll bar , But the text is invisible. The resolution i was using was 1920 by 1080.

I can confirm this bug. On second playthrough I've noticed it (after I read it here). I don't remember if I saw it during first test (I was in hurry because of "movement timing").

Alpha Testing / Re: Test run. Finally.
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:30:39 PM »
[...]dragged weapon should be equipped and the currently equipped weapon put in inventory).

Definitely replace. Making two actions instead of one can quickly become annoying.

Curious to see if there are any bugs or issues with the silenced pistol and sniper rifle, since I haven't really tested them much myself. :)

When equipped with silenced pistol and silenced sniper rifle PC can shoot with pistol only.

Pistol is one handed and rifle is two handed weapon. It shouldn't be possible to equip both of them in the same time (two handed weapon should "take" both equipment slots).

Aiming with rifle should be shorter when target is closer. Longer range to target, longer time for good aimed shot.

Fallout 1&2 allowed to switch between slots if PC had two weapons. But combat was turn based...

Alpha Testing / Re: Test run. Finally.
« on: June 28, 2018, 12:14:41 PM »
Nope. Secretary was using copier machine. PC was in guard's rear sphere of view (behind 180 degree of front view)... or using nautical terms: for guard NPC my PC was at target angle c.a. 100-100 degree. Or 4 o'clock.

I am unable to replicate this. Can you make a recording of this or maybe a serious of screenshots demonstrating it?

Strange. I can't replicate it either.

Save and load. A lot of times... ;D

Aha! Yeah, another tester noted that he also saved and loaded a bunch and suggested that I limit manual saves. I'm considering limiting you to manually save when you're not in a restricted area or when you're in an elevator.

Please don't mess with save/load system too much. Making limitation to 10 slots is acceptable (I'm used to it: Fallout 1&2, XCOM, Ascii Sector). But making "save game zones" is IMHO very big mistake. Not all players have a lot of free time (or actually minority have a lot of free time). If I must stop playing because of anything IRL and thus lost progress because last save game was made e.g. one hour ago (sneaking around can be slow) then it could be very frustrating. It can daunt/discourage users to play this game. Or to buy this game. Reviews can be rather negative than positive.

Please don't force gameplay style. Players will find their own path to it.

You call it "cheating"? Well... How about rising money (here: XP) level using Cheat Engine? It's pretty easy actually. I tested it moment ago ;)

Thanks to new "big cash" I've bought everything from Arms Dealer. I don't have time to play right now so I can't test everything on a mission. But I've found something while equipping weapons.

PC has pistol and kitchen knife after first mission in A&B club. When I bought new (silenced) firearms I tried to equip them just by dragging from inventory to weapon slots... but without success - dragged weapon was dropped on a ground/floor. I repeated it with save game prior "money hack" and it behave the same - when user is dragging weapon from inventory to already occupied weapon slot then such item is dropped instead of replacing equipped e.g. gun.

Alpha Testing / Re: Test run. Finally.
« on: June 27, 2018, 01:03:37 PM »

I won't respond to every point you made -- some I agree with, some I don't. Primarily those leaning towards making the game more of an RPG. It's not.

Pity but OK. How about some special skills/perks earned during some activities?
- unlock throwing knifes (not only to kill but to activate e.g. fire extinguisher),
- unlock silent kill with knife (because stabbing can cause human scream),
- unlock silent walking (especially in rain),
- etc.

It shouldn't leave behind blood if you only kill an NPC with your hands. But using the knife will leave blood. (Unless there's a bug and blood is always left.)

Well, then it's a bug because killing with hands leaves blood puddle.

NPCs can't see through walls. Line of sight "raytracing" is done when checking whether they can see something. But sometimes the isometric perspective makes it seem like an NPC can't see something. Also, some of the disco party people will react with panic to another NPC reacting to seeing the dead body and shouting about it. The guard that "saw" you going through the drawer while he was behind the wall; are you sure he didn't react to the receptionist seeing you and shouting about it?

Nope. Secretary was using copier machine. PC was in guard's rear sphere of view (behind 180 degree of front view)... or using nautical terms: for guard NPC my PC was at target angle c.a. 100-100 degree. Or 4 o'clock.

With regards to NPCs' perception in general, in the new alpha version I'm working on, NPCs will have an alert level meter that fills up when they see you. So they won't react immediately. I think that will maybe make things make more sense.

NPC shouldn't react with "yellow alert" when PC is exactly behind them (target angle 180 degree; 6 o'clock). On parking my PC was hiding behind a crate and guard didn't saw him. When he turned 180 degree and my PC just stud up then guard was alerted. IMHO he shouldn't be alerted... unless he has some kind of eyes/sensors on back of his head.

BTW Brutal beating asset's main target is noisy (according to cut scene) and should alert at least secretary... if boss room isn't soundproof.

If stunning will be available (i very hope so) then maybe environmental could effects how fast NPC will regain consciousness. Guard dropped outside in the rain could wake up earlier than NPC closed in store room.

Rain. When outside rain should lower noise level. Glasses of windows could have lower visibility.

Looking like office worker (e.g. cleaner) or businessman (with "appointment") could make slower rise of NPCs alert level. It means option for changing clothes depending on "mission intel".

More weapons and gadgets will definitely be added. Notice how there's a second, closed crate in the room with the arms dealer! ;)

I saw graphics in game's folders ;)

100% Stealth and 7/7 Intel on first playthrough is crazy good! The game is too easy for you! Haha!

Save and load. A lot of times... ;D

Alpha Testing / Re: Test run. Finally.
« on: June 26, 2018, 10:50:55 PM »
I didn't have time to play Hidden Asset yet. You know work, books, other games. But now it's time to test it a little. Especially when combat is improved a little... or maybe I just learned how to use it.

Of course I've got my own (different) point of view how games should works so I will complain... I mean I'll have some constructive suggestions and ideas how to improve the game. I'm not native English speaker/writer so please don't jump to conclusion when something will look "aggressive" in my writings and take correction for my simple English.

I will play and write what I think about this demo. So, here it goes:

1) Menu and keyboard

After starting the game or when user hit Esc key (while playing) Menu buttons are available by mouse only. Arrow keys are not working. There could be shortcuts like:
- "n" for "New Game"
- "r" for "Resume Game"
- "l" for "Load Game"
- "o" for "Options"
- "c" for "Credits"
- "q" for "Quit"/"Quit Game"
- "h" for help
- "y" for "Yes" (when e.g. asked for overwrite save game slot)
- "n" for "No" (like above)

In "Ascii Sector" help (key bindings) was available under "h" key during gameplay. I propose to change "FPS" and other technical detail to F11 or F12 and keep F1 key for help.

Altogether the game could be more "keyboard friendly".

[BUG]Numeric pad doesn't work - I can't use second Enter key... but I can use numbers (at locked doors on 2nd floor). "0" key (for "Zoom reset") on numpad doesn't work either.

"+" key (not on numpad) doesn't work at all. I can use "-" key and "0" but not "+".

[BUG]Polish specific letters:
... can't be used while naming game save slots.
IMHO the game should accept (typing) all languages with alphabets based on Latin with their diacritic letters.

"Quit Game" during gameplay should be "Quit to Main Menu" (or just "Main Menu" if there is no space for more letter) because in Main Menu there is "Quit" again. Besides it means quitting the game to desktop (closing game's window). Right?

2) Save game system

There are no shortcuts for saving/loading (like e.g. Ctrl+s / Ctrl+l) or at least quick save/load (F5 / F9). If for saves there are 10 slots only then "quick save" should be separate.

On the other hand it could be problematic to implement "quick save" without changing save/load window. How about "unlimited" list of saves? But then how the game will deal with som big amount of saves on the list (in folder)?

If 10 slots system for saves must remain then I propose to make "F5" shortcut to "Select Save Slot" window and "F9" to "Select Game To Load" window.

When user is trying to make save game and clicks a slot and then changes decision (hit Esc) then save game is made yet (slot will be taken) but without description (or without changing description when overwriting). IMHO hitting Esc shouldn't make any save.

3) Unable to move character "behind" doors/objects

If I want to move player character (PC) to some place but near some "double active object" (like double doors) I can't because cursor is changing from "walking" to "interact" behind one door.

I know I can change (rotate) view but doing such think just to walk/sneak one tile can be annoying.

How about forcing walking mode (temporarily disabling "interact" function) when holding e.g. "Shift" key?

It's easy to click NPC instead of floor tile. "Shift" (forcing walk mode) could help avoid such mix-up.

4) Taking items

To take item and place it in inventory player must drag it. Why not double-click to take it directly to inventory? And click&drag could be choice to move item to inventory or to equipment slots.

But when item (like pistol) is on a ground/floor then one click moves it directly to the inventory.

5) Information about environment/surroundings

Both first Fallout games allowed to take information about world by right click: "This is wall", "This is goo" and so on.

How about similar thing here? Click on some NPC to check his/her info: "Big guy is holding metal bat", "Skinny girl has sharp razor", "Suit-man has concealed gun holster" and so on.

Information for every object not just for items/characters related to (active) task/mission. E.g. poster on the wall in some room could be hint where to find another clue. Or just for fun...

6) Talking to NPCs

Player can't choose to talk to some NPC and only available option is to attack them. How about some talk first? E.g. to provoke opponent to force him/her to make first move (attack) or threat civilians (forcing them to talk or just run).

The same for civilians in "combat area". Only available option is to attack.

PC shouldn't talk to NPCs in other rooms, areas or when they just too far to hear PC.

7) Fight/Combat mode

Maybe it's matter of practice to use RMB only but at the beginning I was trying to use RMB for blocking and LMB for attacking. IMHO when combat is active then one button use is a little bit misleading.

Besides, personally I prefer turn based combat gameplay.

8 ) NPC's perception

Disco girl can see dead body. Body hidden in a dark room, behind wall. She can see it when her eyes are "attacked" by strong blinking disco lights. IMHO it's wrong. NPC in such situation shouldn't have such "great" perception.

On second mission security guard (1st floor, near elevator) can see through wall - when he is behind first wall tile (on his way to an elevator) he still can see PC searching drawer. When he's walking to the door he can't see PC searching drawer until he will turn.

9) Using pistol

PC can't use pistol while in close range combat. Even while sneaking from behind.

Shooting to moving target is very hard. It's not based on PC's skills but player's reactions. Personally I prefer turn based combat like in "Ascii Sector", Fallout 1&2, XCOM.

10) More the same items

PC can't take more then one pistol. OK, let's not make PC another mule with space for 100 assault rifles. But what with ammo? Is it unlimited?

On the other hand weapon is valuable item. Taking one more (small) gun shouldn't be a problem. Well, maybe it can rise a little risk that carrying concealed weapon will be not 100 percent successful (I mean somebody could see e.g. another gun in "a pocket").

And PC could have option to sell (surplus) items. Or drop somewhere to make diversion. Or plant at dead body to make it look like dead assassin.

11) Blood

Not all kills are causing big blood puddle. Melee combat with hands/legs/batons shouldn't leave big blood puddle.

Shooting could (in some cases) leave blood in surroundings (e.g. walls, windows). Bigger gun means bigger bloody mess.

12) Carrying dead bodies

Taking dead body when there is a lot of blood should make PC dirty (blood stains). PC with such "blood dirt" shouldn't just walk like "innocent". They should alert civilians, security and cops.

Moving (dragging on a floor) dead body should leave "blood path". Putting dead body on a floor to e.g. open locked door should leave some blood either.

13) Stun NPC

So far I didn't find option to stun NPC (non-lethally take down). "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" has brilliant solution for this - player can disable NPC without killing in close combat: suppression using hands in close combat or using stun gun. Or stunrod like in "Ascii Sector"...

How about adding such option here? If Asset has a target to kill it doesn't mean he should leave blood track behind.

Not all fistfights should end with death of opponent. NPC could be just unconscious. It could be disadvantage sometime because e.g. security could wake up and e.g. set up the alarm or attack PC again.

Maybe some rope or cable ties (zap straps) to make sure stunned person will not move. And something to keep them silent if they'll wake up.

14) Statistics, skills, perks, classes

We know nothing about PC. Will have Hidden Assets some RPG elements? Will be there options for develop player's character?

With or without classes? Without classes developing character could relay on player's doings - it will be not possible to develop sniper skills whit melee only combat.

Is asset max skilled since the beginning of the game?

15) Surroundings sound

Music at disco is so annoying that I wanted to shoot DJ first... ;-)

Sound of driving car is like ocean's waves.

The bigger city means more cars sounds like horn, ambulance siren, fire truck siren, police car siren (not related to Asset's activity).

People are talking, yelling or screaming sometimes. I understand limitation of demo version... and indie game.

16) Inventory, journal etc.

There could be journal menu with (detailed) information about past and present tasks.

Separate inventory view for better information about carried items.

Some kind of "assetpedia" with gathered information about HA world (vital NPCs, institution/organizations, important history events etc.)

17) Remote control

To activate some device for remote control (e.g. power switch) player must click icon on far left part of screen. It's a long way for mouse pointer and requires precession... to go back to exactly the same place where it was before. This place can be vital for quick move of PC and it's easy to lost it when moving mouse. How about shortcut for quick enable/disable remote control? It could be "r". Yes, I know. It's "restart location" right now but IMHO such important thing like "restart" shouldn't be on keyboard near other often used keys.

If it is possible to have more then one remote control then maybe player could use combinations like "Alt+[digit]" or "Shit+[digit]"?

How many times it is possible to use remote (Electric Power Override)? Right now PC can use it more than once. I've installed remote on some electrical thing at first floor to get attention of security guard to easily sneak behind him towards elevator.

When I was on 2nd floor... I just removed remote and I was able to install/mount it again on another electric device (here: copier machine). Amazing! What kind of magic is it...? ;-) OK! Let's assume technicians have remote radio access to every electric devices and Asset must only "synchronize frequency" manually when in close range.

18) Monitoring/Surveillance

Why there is no monitoring (CCTV) inside of company/corporate buildings? It's one of basic security measurements. They should be inside and outside of buildings.

Nowadays there are more and more surveillance cameras on streets (Hello, London!). Why not put them in the game? It could be another "risk factor" which need to be avoid while walking on street before and after action.

19) Team

How about gathering a team? I mean one asset could hire e.g. technicians to disable monitoring. Or driver with car to quickly drive away. Or hot babe to steal e.g. ID card from a man in bar and so on...

20) Multiplayer

If somewhere is team there could be co-op. Personally I don't like multiplayer in any form but many users are crazy about this so it could rise sell. I understand it requires a lot of work and can be rally hard for one developer who's making indie game.

21) Screenshot

How to make screenshot? I mean without 3rd-party software. OS "PrintScreen" function gives black screen.

22) Split screen [BUG]

When I'll zoom out (with "-" or mouse scroll) then from 2nd step I can see split screen on right side - 1/5 (20%) of screen shows what is on left part of screen.

I'm playing in Full Screen mode (1920x1080). I've changed resolution to 1600x900 (windowed mode) and split screen disappeared. Strange thing is when I switched to Full Screen mode again... it was fixed (didn't appeared again when zooming out). After restart and loading save all was correct. Strange. That's why I tried to make screenshot.

23) Different weapons types

I propose to add different types of weapons. There is a pistol without or with silencer. What cartridge? Because it could matter in the game:
- .22 is weak but has big chance it will not go through body so there will be no blood stains on a wall/glass,
- 9 mm is stronger but louder and can penetrate body and make blood stains in surroundings,
- .45 is stronger and can do big bloody mess but it's subsonic so when used with silencer it will cause much less noise then other types.

HA-HA! It's done. 100% Stealth and 7/7 intel in first playthrough (without going back to Arms Dealer). With 2 killed security guards unfortunately (or "only"). That's why I'd like to have e.g. stun gun - to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Great job so far. Thank you! But needs more development and polishing. Keep up good work. 8)

BTW If you want me to test specific behavior in the game then write it please. I don't have much time for making many different test.

Alpha Testing / Test run. Finally.
« on: June 26, 2018, 04:21:47 PM »
Don't think I've skipped this game.

More info soon... :-X

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