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Everything Else / Re: Necroposting
« on: December 10, 2016, 10:36:02 AM »
I guess a post on necroposting is OK to necropost on.

Haven't seen many movies that were actually based on Lovecraft stuff out there, not sure I've really seen any. Maybe inspired by, but not direct adaptations.

I figure it's better to keep things active than to worry about whether or not something was really old, but that's me. Not sure if I'm talking about old forum posts or reanimating the dead, here.

General / Re: So glad to see a new version
« on: May 31, 2016, 02:43:01 PM »
Yeah, it's nice :) Although I sometimes wish the fines were higher. Life is cheap in this 'verse! :)

News / Re: Development Video #35
« on: May 02, 2016, 05:10:29 PM »
Must have been a bit tough to do away with the popup, but your changes make perfect sense. And yeah, a big thing is about immersion. I wonder if it could still be used for some special item, like shooting a surveillance device or chem delivery device onto a target and making sure it hits the right spot, which has a sort of snipery feel and therefore maybe fits a minigame a bit better. Sniper stuff too, of course. It may not seem like much to people who may be relatively new to your design but these are pretty massive and interesting changes. Looking forward to seeing more of the game :)

What do you call it? I don't know how to search for it on Reddit.

General / Life Is Cheap on the Frontier
« on: March 13, 2016, 07:03:11 PM »
Normally pretty mild-mannered, I run into a fixer that asks me to run slaves. So I snap and do them in. I run out of the asteroid base, off to Port Newton (no problems with the authorities), and after a bit of bureaucratic run-around, I'm able to pay off my triple-charge of homicide, theft, and assault with 35000 credits. Not sure how other fixers feel about me, maybe their esteem has dropped slightly, but I'm sure I'll get more missions from them. Except the one.

Wouldn't mind it keeping my misdeeds on record. Feels a bit creepy to have a character who does that not face any long-term consequences. And as bad as one can be in this game, strangely one can't be a snitch :)

Development Discussion and Suggestions / New Mission Ideas
« on: March 08, 2016, 04:34:36 PM »
It's pretty easy to come up with merc missions, but if I recall correctly there are only three merchant missions: Convoy, Transport, and Deliver. Here are ideas for a few others:

Mass Transport: You get to carry people in excess of the usual passenger limit (refugees, workers, whatever) to a new location. The game deletes most of them when you arrive, rather than distributing 50 people into a planet already. Killing anyone aboard results in a fine once the mission is expired.

Mercy Mission: Pick up specifically designed medicines from Acorn (always Acorn, just like you always go to Trou to drop off prisoners), and not only go to a given planet, but administer treatment to 1 or more peds in the environment. Could even be an excuse for making the peds hostile, so you have to subdue them, or use smoke grenades to prevent them from hitting you before you can give them the drug that will cure them. Could also introduce a syringe rifle. Killing the hostile results in a fine.

Confiscate Cargo: You alone or accompanied by a squadron subdue a target ship, then the player ship takes all the cargo on board, then delivers it to the authorities. So the ship must be EMPed in order to recover the cargo. Not sure if this would require different NPC behavior to prevent them from destroying the craft, but there could be a new gun that has an EMP like effect that these ships would automatically be equipped with. Cargo is replaceable, so if you happen to sell some of item X, you can still pick it up elsewhere and the authorities won't know the difference. Failure to complete this results in fines in addition to lost mission rewards.

Transport Hazardous Materials: There would be several types of materials that the player would have to move from one location to another as quickly as possible. The more time they spend off of an optimal route, the more the chance that things will break down and cause problems.

  • Hazardous waste containers might leak, from weapon hits or over time, causing the player character's health to drop, or to gain injury status, have sight problems, etc.
  • Xenomorph (or whatever joke you prefer) containment cages that if the ship is jostled with collisions or weapon strikes will cause them to break free and run through the ship trying to kill you.
  • Mass Prisoner Transport, similar to the mass transport of civilians etc above, but a chance that one will break free, unlocking others' cuffs, giving you an on-board riot of sorts.

In addition to the cargo stuff above, thought of having emergent, ongoing bounty missions that are part of a bounty board at Loye, Haack, the capital, etc (and perhaps a pirate equivalent board for notable confeds, Kilrathi, retros). These are the ten most wanted, which the player may run into anywhere in the whole map.

There's no public expiration, but over time the chance increases that the NPC disappears for one reason or another, announced in the news as a capture, escape, turned self in, destruction etc. These would be non-hostile targets that have a very low tolerance, so bumping into them or accidentally shooting them will tip them into attack mode. They can then be avoided if you want, or taken if you think you're strong enough.

In-flight conversations include the possibility of hiring them, angering them, or tipping them off that they're on the wanted list, which will make them go into hiding etc (without you getting any bounty for it).

They have planned routes of travel, frequenting certain areas, so players who happen to run into them can maybe run into them later. If two plans happen to overlap, they will fight each other and one will win, the other will lose, which will also be announced in the news.

Bugs / Re: Can't talk to hunters to finish mission
« on: March 08, 2016, 12:30:54 PM »
You mean decouple activating the hunters to the completion requirements? Makes sense. I'll admit I like it when they're like Oh, OK, our job is done already I guess. Thanks but removing them from the equation could reduce the chance this happens again.


Managed to complete both missions somehow by rushing in and talking to at least one group before they scattered to the winds. A bit confused about how the other mission resolved when i didn't talk to the other group, but maybe hunting capital ships doesn't actually have joining the raiding party as a requirement? Have to check...

Edit II:

OK, there is a join requirement on the cap ship mission. Will see if I can try again to replicate the non-talking thing...

Edit III:

OK, this explains it. For the Cap Ship hunting mission, the part that says you can meet with hunters is still highlighted as though it were a mission requirement, but it's optional in a sense. You complete the mission if the cap ship is killed, whether or not the team is activated. You can still go activate them before the mission resolves but it's not necessary for completion.

For the patrol mission, that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe making those two mission types align to the cap ship style of making the meeting optional will eliminate the problem.

Bugs / Re: Can't talk to hunters to finish mission
« on: March 08, 2016, 10:57:45 AM »
Tried something else with two overlapping missions to a single system. I am supposed to meet two different teams at two different nav points, and targets are also at those nav points so by the time I get there they're fighting with the things, mostly they get wiped out, but I reach one nav point where a hunter is hanging out after I've destroyed all the targets. The mission says I'm to contact the raiders so we can try to kill stuff, but when I contact the remaining hunter it's just normal conversation and the mission doesn't resolve.

It may be that there's some heavily damaged hunter floating out in the ether that's part of the other raiding party, but I see no evidence so far of this.

I'll pass along the file, CK.


I had the same thing happen on a retry, so I landed and launched after being unable to resolve both navs. When I returned after landing, one group of hunters were at one of the navs, and talking to them in the proper way resolved the mission. There was another hunter there but they didn't have the needed dialog option, and there were no hunters at the other rendezvous nav point. Not sure if they were all destroyed or just drifted far away, but I would assume that if they were still alive, they would respawn around the nav one expects to find them at.

Bugs / Re: Can't talk to hunters to finish mission
« on: March 07, 2016, 04:24:03 PM »
No. It's been overwritten, sorry. If I can replicate some time in the future I'll try to send you the file. As far as I know things were otherwise normal, so a kamekh quest with pretty much everything destroyed that can be destroyed, including the ability to target, so when I talk to hunters they don't give me proper dialogs. Again, it may have been a weird coincidence and the hunter I happened to try to talk to was not part of the mission team, so I'll try to make sure that's not the case next time.

Bugs / Re: Can't talk to hunters to finish mission
« on: March 07, 2016, 12:22:00 PM »
Yes. Destroyed everything at the patrol nav point (barely). When you do that you still have to talk to the hunters, and they'll thank you for doing the job already. But unless it was an unrelated hunter, and I don't think it was, they didn't want to talk to me to complete the mission, just normal talk.


And even if I'd missed a target (i didn't, the nav point was clear) there would have been a let's go hunting conversation option.

Bugs / Can't talk to hunters to finish mission
« on: March 07, 2016, 12:09:43 AM »
There's a raid on a Kamekh that I somehow survive solo, which pretty much all my systems destroyed. I fly to the rendezvous to talk to the hunters waiting to start the mission at another nav point, but although I can communicate with them I just get the standard "stranger" communication with them, not the mission starting one, so I can never complete the mission. Is it because all my equipment is obliterated for some reason?

Development Discussion and Suggestions / Hirelings
« on: March 05, 2016, 02:08:00 PM »
In my bid to unintentionally dominate every discussion topic I just came up with a rather interesting idea that might help make each spacecraft feel like home:

You hire crewmembers to fill passenger slots. Each crew member can have specialties that can aid you. One might be good at using turrets, which will give you a slight increase on recharge time, damage, whatever. Another might be a first aid expert which will increase the time that mortal wounds take before they kill you, allowing you to get to an autodoc (though they can't do this indefinitely). Others increase sensor range slightly, or give you bonus to negotiation if you accidentally hit a friendly, or once in a while give you inside trading tips as if there were extra news bulletins, or help repairs go more quickly, or recharge shields slightly faster, or increase salvage yields, or chance that asteroids will yield materials, or slowly alter faction standings, or reduce fines... that sort of thing. One character might have multiple skills to increase their usefulness.

The tradeoff is paying them like you do mercs, though not as much, and losing a passenger slot that you could have used for missions. If you can't pay or won't, they'll get dropped off at the next planet you land on, and if you trade ships they'll be standing next to your ship in the docking area, where you decide who is going to stay by talking to them and basically hiring them again.

I'd say that they either hang around at the bar, or maybe hotels will have a little area on each planet where one will hang out.

Development Discussion and Suggestions / Planet Ideas for the Peoples
« on: March 03, 2016, 12:53:11 PM »
Few ideas for planets, just for the heck of it:

A station that's the shape of a ring that surrounds a jump portal. Like they're studying it, but also providing ship support. You hit J to jump, C to contact them to land like normal. Maybe they produce products and buy products that aren't normally bought and sold at high volumes.

A hidden retro planet nestled in an asteroid field, just a bit away from a beacon. Tends to swarm with retro encounters. If you manage to wipe out retro encounters, or pirates or confeds take over, that counts as destroying the retro "fleet". So their faction would be a game-wide increase in retro encounters, and taking this out would reset their encounters to a low level until they rebuild.

A planet that is building or rebuilding a major city, so they always accept pre fabs, construction, computers, communications, advanced fuels, etc, but at decreasing rates, as in their economy becomes saturated and maybe changes to accept other things as it gets richer. Would be really cool if industries developed over time depending on what trade they got, but I think all my economic wishes should be focused into my own projects, since I seem to want to make an economic simulator more than blow stuff up half the time :)

A star that slowly degrades shields when you're in its coronoa. There's a base there that gives you high prices on a lot of things, but you need a strongly shielded ship to be able to fly there.

A terminal on one planet that accepts slaves for free so they can be rehabilitated, in exchange for increasing their faction rating, which lets you carry slaves without being attacked by authorities. Some people could use this to abuse the good will of the faction in order to trade in human beings, while others will use it to start to get missions from the faction on that world to free others through boarding actions.

A few planets that are hideouts for pirates, Kilrathi, retros, etc allowing for shootouts on a planetary surface. Might use the "can't see stuff unless standing there" tiles to obscure targets hiding in corridors. Maybe mission based, part of a faction that focuses on ground combat. You could also run illegal goods to these locations if your faction standing with pirates, say, is decent. They could also be inhabited by Confeds or Militia if the system they're in is currently occupied by enemy factions.

A Stock Exchange terminal where shares in commodities can be bought and sold based on the net indexes of all legal planets. Enemy faction takeovers cut that planet out of the market, which means prices can drop or go up due to warfare.

A wrecked spaceship, similar to the casino ship, where some of these weird terminals can exist, along with an eclectic group of pirates, Kilrathi, militia etc, all exiles and rebels with no other place to call their own. Offers unique services, even minor gambling, but can be blown up. If it is, you get faction bumps from many factions at the loss of all those services.

Debris fields, which yield space salvage, advanced fuels, and other random goods if you mine them like asteroids.

Mine fields that explode like dumbfire missiles if you run into them, with a chance for AI ships to also set them off.

Anyway, hope that stimulated some imaginations, at least.

General / Mining Ship, sort of
« on: February 26, 2016, 11:24:11 AM »
So... I forget if others have said this, but I've found a way to make the game a bit more like Eve Online. I basically set my drayman with a cargo scoop at velocity 10 and just have it plow through an asteroid field while I do other things on the computer. It's kind of silly but I think it's the only way you reliably can automatically get resources as if you were using a mining ship. Now if only there was a way to increase the reliability of getting minerals...

Development Discussion and Suggestions / Re: Too much pepper
« on: February 23, 2016, 01:24:54 PM »
I like to think of them more as space survival helmets, although I guess that's not what they are I don't think, since I'm pretty sure some of the people I "rescue" don't have helmets. Maybe they all do? I never checked.

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