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Everything Else / Re: Other "Classic" Space Exploration Games
« on: November 22, 2008, 01:41:09 PM »
Ah yes. I lost countless hours playing frontier. How could i forget that one. But in truth my dad was the one playing it obsessively back in time :)

Everything Else / Re: Other "Classic" Space Exploration Games
« on: November 13, 2008, 03:15:08 PM »
Star control 2 - best game ever.

Solar winds was also pretty cool, actually. I played both parts and had quite some fun with it.
X series is nice. But i didnt like x-tension that much. Its economy model was kinda weird to me.

Quest Development / Re: Quest Rewards?
« on: November 13, 2008, 03:05:52 PM »
Could you make those history notes be usable as a trigger for another quest?
Like for example: you brought the corrupted admiral to justice but he escapes and now plots his revenge, or his cousin is hunting you or whatever :)

here's some few more observations i have(i really cant call them suggestions as im not certain if its just my subjective feel, and they are far away from critics)

moving diagonally in space seems faster.
900 kps, is twice as fast as 600, not 50%
if you use afterburners while you're turning around you're turning at max peed all time, if you turn normally you can easily get to zero(i presume because of inertia). it seems like too big a difference to me.
When you collide with something it can sometimes turn your ship for more then a full circle, which seems a bit excessive... and if you tr to compensate by steering in the opposite way it seems it wont stop... you just wobble left-right wile going straight till you let go so that inertia wears off

Pirates and retros never attack each other.

Now as i said, i might be completely wrong about any of those, or some might be tied to low end ships, but would like to hear your answer Chris :)

couple of suggestions:
About those assassination missions, you should probably just reduce the fines and increase the pay for missions... also if you ever make bodyguard/bounty hunting missions i assume that those shouldn't make any fines.

if you have huge fines, does that increase your pirate relationship?
if you have good standing with a certain type of employer, and you loose it, does it require the same amount of work to restore it, or less?

Just i few more things i came up as i played:

you should make ejected pilots and cargo show up on radar. I just had a situation where a friendly pilot got blasted and i couldn't find him after the battle was over.

Maybe you might in future make size of an item matter when deciding where you can store it in your inventory? add a backpack too?

Seems that all ground combat missions are sort of assassination/evil.(or i just ran into few of those)
Are there body guard/escort missions, hunting a criminal?
You can combine space with ground mission, as in you take a passenger on board and then you have to protect him when you arrive to where he is disembarking.

About ground combat: I think its great, and that it shouldn't be rare... Maybe just a piece of equipment that you can buy that will help you avoid boardings(to counter piece of equipment that allows you to disable and board). Bit i figure that its pretty ok even if there is none, since those complainers can simply play older version :P

About quests: there should also be some sort of quality assurance and possibility to unmount them from the game. the biggest issue with user created scenarios is a possibility of complete disaster(code wise and quality/story wise) :)

I would really like to have a locker on my ship, but i guess the floor will do :(

Oh and thanks for the quick reply, i see you're a night owl too :)

General / Re: Unusual Game Facets
« on: May 02, 2008, 01:58:20 AM »
sorry to bring the ultra-dead thread back but this made me wonder:
will you be able to hijack the ship you have boarded and who's crew you've defeated?

Heya all, i just joined... i've been playing this a bit since v0.2 and i've been eagerly waiting for updates... Only found out today about this forum.

Chris, why didn't you advertise this forum on WC CIC?

Ive been reading a bit of previous/current suggestions so here are few random suggestions of the top of my head

I noticed that whenever there are allied ships and enemies around, enemies usually target my ship and wont break off pursuit even if they have been attacked by other ships... This can be very annoying, especially if you've been damaged and want to avoid fight.

About quests:
This is in relation both to rich merchant/hunter nemesis and player created quests:

You said that it will be possible to have only one active scenario at a time, so i thought you could make active and passive quests.
You could have only one active quests, but more passive quests cause those would me more of a fluff and wouldn't conflict with each other. Like the bartender jokes suggestion, or some random recurring character and such things.

Also it would be neat if you could actually make personal enemies/friends in game. Like those nemesis hunter that might in the end, after you blew him up 2 times become your sworn enemy. Or i guy that you saved and would help you out in some way when you next meet him... This would also be considered a passive type quest for example as it is not story driven just additional fluff.

About ground combat: Great idea, but i think you should make this optional if some hard core WC fans don't want that aspect. two possible ways:
either possibility to disable this from options screen, or make it almost always possible to avoid ground fight, either by buying stuff for that(this goes more for boarding then actual ground combat)

Another thing: could it be possible, when you make walking around ship possible to have storage for personal stuff like guns, equipment and what have you not?

this are my two cents for now... ill notch down anything i think of as i come along :)
Hope i wasnt to confusing

Thanks for the great game Chris

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